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I support women who want a baby, are having a baby or have just had a baby

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Nutrition and Wellbeing

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Welcome to Katie Shore Intuitive Wellbeing

Hi, I’m Katie…

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBANT, mCNHC) specialising in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal health. I support women to be as healthy as possible so that they can either have a baby, enjoy their pregnancy or recover from birth.

Having had a baby recently myself in 2020 I have also experienced first hand how confusing and conflicting the health advice around conception and pregnancy can be; and how non-existent the postnatal support often is. Topics like ‘how can I increase my chances of carrying a baby to full term?’, ‘how do I stop morning sickness?’ or ‘how to function on no sleep with a newborn’ can be overwhelming to say the least.

Learn more about me…

Client Testimonial

“Katie was great at filling in the blanks and encouraging my progress. My overall well-being has definitely improved since working together.”

Client Testimonial

“Katie was kind, non-judgemental and easy to talk to. I was a bit worried her recommendations would be massive but we identified some quick wins that would have a big impact on my life. I’m feeling better already and happier knowing I’ve taken control of my situation!”

Client Testimonial

“Katie is not just knowledgeable about what to eat but she makes it easier to get the good stuff into your routine by suggesting easy tips to do that.”

Blending the science with the spiritual to support women who want a baby, are having a baby or have just had a baby

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