Are you a new mum or do you know a new mum who is feeling overwhelmed, lost and exhausted? A new baby combined with little to no sleep and the added responsibility that comes with the newest member of your family can leave little time for you.

During the postpartum period we see huge physical and hormonal changes which can leave you feeling low, irritable and craving that next sugar fix. It doesn’t have to be that way though, you can navigate your postpartum healing journey in a brighter and easier way.

How would you like to feel less tired, sleep better and have the energy to really enjoy this time with your baby? Like you are thriving and not simply in survival mode?

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. As a mum of a small person myself, I know how difficult it is to find time to think about your needs let alone then act upon them. This is where my Postnatal package comes in. Over twelve weeks we sit down and look at your personal situation, health goals and medical history to create a personalised, targeted and most importantly, realistic plan of action.

What if you were thriving and not simply surviving as a new mum?

What is included:

  • A comprehensive nutritional lifestyle intake paperwork and assessment
  • 3x 1:1 90m sessions (usually 4 weeks apart)
  • Personalised accountability and coaching support you during the early stages of motherhood to prevent post-natal depletion.
  • 1x additional monthly check in plus weekly access to me virtual support with me via practice management software.
  • Personalised monthly energetic check ins using tarot, crystals and moon phases to support whole body health.
  • Written Health Optimisation Plans emailed to you after each session which includes all the sessional information (you never need to make notes on your calls)
  • Access to exclusive handouts and written materials only available to 1:1 clients
  • Supplement review and protocols – where appropriate
  • Testing support – where appropriate
  • 10% discount on any recommended supplements
  • GP collaboration and support

Investment £750

I know it can feel self indulgent or even selfish to think about yourself and asking for what you need may not come easily. Your body has just created and grown new life, selflessly prioritising your baby’s needs over yours for the past nine months. Providing it with this additional support is (in my experience) essential.  Everyone benefits when YOU are fully replenished and functioning at your best. The saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ is never more true than for a new mum.

Client Testimonial

Katie was kind, non-judgemental and easy to talk to. I was a bit worried her recommendations would be massive but we identified some quick wins that would have a big impact on my life. I’m feeling better already and happier knowing I’ve taken control of my situation!” – GM, 2021

Let’s chat…

If you’re thinking about working with me my initial 15 minute consultations are free. Why not book in for a chat and we can find out if this targeted support would be right for you.

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